At Annex88, we’re frequently asked what it takes to get something “hype” or build brand heat. So we did our digging, and evaluated dozens of case studies to see if any commonality emerged. What we found were three factors that, when combined, make brand heat go huge:



How low is the actual (or perceived) availability? This can be in reference to a product, an idea, or even just information about a product or idea.


How unique or new is it? This can be true newness, but also in how you are refreshing or twisting expectations.



How great is your reach? This can be in reference to how much money you are spending, the amount of influence you already have over a category, etc.



Once we discovered these three familiar factors, we wanted to figure out a way to measure & rate potential brand heat. Now you can try it for yourself – head over to and rate each factor from 1-5 to get a hype score for your idea. If the score isn’t what you want it to be, shoot us a note and maybe we can help.